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Fluent Networks is my consulting company:
I am an Open source advocate and developer, An expert with Linux and Linux internals/Kernel and file systems, Embedded Linux, Embedded Linux Kernel, GCC and build tools, Cloud based computing: Azure, KVM/hyper visor, Vmware. TCP/IP internals, Linux system administration ect... Core C and C++ programmer and Shell script programmer. I also Code in Java and can do Android and mobile development.
Before the advent of Linux I was a TCP/IP internals Guru. have a GitHub repository for my Quick Host and Quick Route software that I used to sell and consult with in the early through late 90's, this will give you samples of my code that are not proprietary to my customers or employers.

Here is a summary of where I have worked or consulted:

Senior Consultant

Fluent Networks Inc.
Broomfield, Co

I am actively looking for a new software development or team lead, coding manager position or contract with Linux or my favorite Embedded Linux. Let me know if you have anything up my alley!

Linux Systems Architect

OpenLogic - Helping Enterprises Use Open Source Software
Broomfield, Co

Helping support and develop Enterprise Level adoption of Linux based open source packages and Kernels on CentOS ( and other distro's ) while at OpenLogic. CentOS is a downstream Redhat Enterprise Level Linux offering for both small and large enterprise's, OpenLogic supports CentOS and other distro's through support contracts and specific targeted consulting level agreements. My role is to enable OS and Kernel expertise from working behind the scenes in the open source community shipping at least 20 different open source Linux based profitable products via my many years as a Linux Kernel expert and embedded Linux expert in core Linux applications! Additionally I am helping roll out Microsoft's Azure linux based PAAS in its many geographic regions with OpenLogic's CentOS based cloud images.

Principal Engineer/Engineering Manager

HID Global
Westminster, CO

Linux and Embedded work for Smart Cards, secure access control solutions and associated reader hardware
-Individual Coding Contributor and simultaniouis Manager of NAS group responsible for all aspects of production software on 10 different embedded Linux based hardware/software platforms. Managed 4 local engineers, 5 international engineers and an offshore team. Wrote C/C++ Linux applications, fixed bugs, wrote bash scripts for embedded Linux in both 2.4 and 2.6 based Linux environments. Wrote/enhanced TCL based GUI tools and Perl based test tools. Enhanced C# and C++ Visual studio based test/development tools. Implemented threaded database changeover routines to take system door downtime from minutes to milliseconds while changing system databases. This was a requirement from a major customer, keeping millions of dollars of revenue intact. Wrote support tools for flashing of boards in Manufacturing. Interfaced with many Key customers to provide them with custom solutions for their end products. Managed international team and 3rd party off-shore contract houses. In my last project at HID I inherited a government mandated PIV ( FIPS 201 ) access control solution ( from an HID buyout ) that I single handidly released the core Linux product after productizing it and making it feature complete. It has over 20,000 files and more than 600,000 lines of code. HID recently bought ANOTHER company, Code Bench, with similar products and 10 engineers, it was time to move on

Senior Consultant

Power Tagging Technologies
Boulder, Colorado

Performed Short term Contract in spare time for integrating Cellular Modem onto embedded role your own and Debian based Linux system with TI DSP for Power Tagging's smart Grid powers systems communication system.

Senoir Software Engineer/Team Lead

Overland Storage
San Diego, Ca & Greenwood Village, CO

-Individual Contributor responsible for upgrading Linux based file server "Snap Server" a Samba/CIFs source code base from version 3.0.0RC1 to 3.0.34. This entailed creating and applying new patches in C and porting older Snap Server patches to standard open source Samba to keep the proprietary features ( ACL's, full windows permissions etc ) intact for the new version of Snap Server Samba.
-Team Lead for several Engineers, set up and managed a remote development office and small server farm. Jointly architected and implemented a Linux based Data De-duplication appliance in C++. This device was used to move large amounts of data between remote sites by stripping out and managing duplicate data in source and destination databases. A custom tuned XFS based raid backed file system was designed, implemented and tuned for performance. The de-duplicating software's file storage code was designed around this work. It was based on a Linux 2.6 based system. Fixed ISCSI bugs, fixed Ethernet driver bugs, fixed Grub boot loader issues. Responsible for managing and installing many open source software packages into Overland Storage products, such as open ISCI, NTP and various debugging tools and utilities. Utilized system and kernel profiler to fine tune the system.

Senior Software Engineer

Crosswalk inc
Westminster, Co

Member of team working on a highly available RHEL Linux clustered file server. Developed large ( > 4GB ) memory allocator in Linux kernel to allow user space disk caching to access large amounts of raw memory. Fixed bugs in kernel and user space code in Redhat Enterprise 2.6 based Linux. Code changes were centrally pushed by a team member and accepted by RedHat. Lead engineer on all aspects of company’s CIFS/ Samba offering. Defined/implemented/maintained all server code including installation and configuration code, changes in pam/Kerberos modules, changes or enhancements in Samba/CIFS code, solving interoperability issues with Microsoft ADS servers or other LDAP based infrastructure and creating extensions to Samba using extensible Samba vfs modules. Architected/implemented modifications to CIFS/Samba to allow it to properly map Microsoft Windows 14 attributes instead of the native Owner, Group, Other RWX attributes normally found on Linux/Unix systems.

Senior Consulting Engineer

Seagate Technology
Colorado Springs, Co

Solved complex bugs in low level memory paging in Linux Kernel on custom PowerPC embedded system used to drive a highly available raid file server system. Ported and Modified Ethernet device drivers ( helped add Ethtool functionality ) . Fix Bugs in Fibre Channel Driver, wrote scripts to test code changes etc.. Modify/configure and fixed bugs in busybox, dropbear and other Embedded components required for a robust embedded Linux system. This division of Seagate was bought by Xiotech.

Senior Consulting Engineer

Set Software Service
Longmont. Co

Performed Short term Contract for board bring up of Broadcom bcm1250 based VOIP system With Linux Kernel, customized low level board support package. Wrote DSP boot strap code which was embedded in bcm1250 boot loader in C data structures targeted to DSP boot location. Travelled on-sight to customers location to bring customized board up with HW engineer.

VP Product Development

Novus Devlopment
Greenwood Village, Co

-Responsible for creating and implementing products, reported to CTO & CEO. Developed HD broadcast system report tools using Visual C 6.0. Conceptualized Raid video server under Linux. Company went out of business.

Senior Software Engineer

Redback Networks
Sunnyvale. Ca

-Took over Redback’s existing bridging code on very large scale DSL aggregater . Fixed existing bugs in the SMS1000 based products. Architected and implemented a rate limited packet-flooding engine for bridge forwarding and multicast forwarding to balance flow on large topology bridges.
Very successful IPO and then sabbatical, company was bought by Ericsson.

Senior Consulting Engineer

Fluent Networks
Los Gatos California

Fluent Networks Consulting , Los Gatos, Ca., Senior Consulting Engineer

Core Mobility Palo alto, Ca... after Redback will fix date soon
-Implemented Elf based dynamic C++ module loading on ARM7T processor for Core Mobility's 3rd party 3G cell phone/wireless application library. Utilized Microsoft Visual Studio to work with clients existing simulated code base. Ported code to Armulator to test and verify working/shipping model which was sold to large cell phone manufacturers who would come on-site to port it into their ARM based Phone O/S's .

Cisco Systems, San Jose, Ca
-Worked on Cisco Inc's 6400 Universal Access Concentrator, a large scale DSL aggregation product. Responsible for porting network address translation ( NAT ) code from a C++ VxWorks based product to the IOS C based product release.

Tibco Inc, Palo Alto, Ca
-Single handidly Designed and implemented a “Wall street” Intranet Market Data API layer for Tibco Inc. This layer wrapped around a proprietary Tibco ( RV ) “Push” based, subject driven, multicast Messaging system. The API was based off undocumented functionality in an older Tibco product line. The work was initially done as a dynamic linked library under NT 4.0, VC++ 5.0. The code-base also worked under UNIX with minimal compile changes by design.

Senior Consulting Engineer

Fluent Networks Inc
Los Gatos Ca

Metricom inc. Los Gatos, Ca
-Helped re-architect Metricom’s proprietary Richochet Network to allow the use of commonly available Internet/Intranet equipment and protocols. Focused on re-writing/architecting the system gateway responsible for forwarding traffic from Metricom’s wireless cloud to the Internet or an Intranet. Implemented L2F, a Cisco based proposed RFC protocol to allow tunneling of network streams from remote ISP’s to a home gateway. Researched adding DHCP and other features.

Whittaker-Xyplex, Santa Clara, CA
-Ported Whittaker-Xyplex’s SNMPV1 and SNMPV2 Network Management to a HUB backplane board. Duties included: writing device drivers, callback routines, interfacing with hardware engineers during multiple revs of board design, testing and verification.

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA
-Licensed my proprietary object-oriented TCP/IP package ( QUICK HOST ) to Electronic Arts. Ported it to Electronic Arts’ Intel based embedded system board. Ported Intel 82595 Ethernet packet driver to 32 bit Pharlap protected mode. Implemented several multithreaded socket based servers as example applications for client in QUICK HOST. Developed Netlib network library over Windows Winsock in Windows NT/95 using MFC.

(Open)1 project

Senior Software Engineer

Kalpana Inc
Sunnyvale, Ca

-Implemented MAC layer bridge filtering on Kalpana’s Etherswitch switching bridge. The project required programming Kalpana’s network switch ASIC to allow multi-port line speed destination address filtering on user selected ports and line speed forwarding based on bridge learning on other ports a first in the industry.
-Implemented Bootp based network code download to allow Kalpana’s 1.5 Rev ASIC based products to download new firmware to flash memory. System was memory limited, designed and implemented technique to use NIC buffer space on 15 of 16 unused ports to store downloaded Bootp data for system reflash.
Implemented code on Etherswitch for one of Sun Microsystems first load balancing clusters, Personally thanked by Sun key members and management.
Company was bought by Cisco Inc

Senior Software Engineer, Promoted to Manager of Systems Software

Shographics inc

-Licensed my proprietary object based network layer package ( QUICK ROUTE ) to Shographics. Customized and implemented BSD TAHOE compatible TCP/UDP protocol layers and sockets interface to run on top of QUICK ROUTE without requiring a context switch. Ported code to Shographics’ custom I960KA based I/O processor and worked with team members to integrate it with a shared memory interface to an I860 based accelerated graphics terminal.
-Was promoted to manager of systems software and kernel effort to bring TCP\IP and a PEX server ( 3D extensions to X ) together on a new dual I860XP CPU. Recruited, hired and mentored Senior Software engineers

Software Engineer

Vitalink Inc
Freemont, Ca

Lead engineer for IP porting effort from a dual 68020 based remote Brouter to an AMD 29000 based local/remote Brouter.
Bought by Network Systems inc, MN

Software Engineer

Coral Networks Inc
Marlboro, Ma

-Developed and implemented an IP Router. The system converted network datagrams into an independent network layer format for high speed routing through a custom ASIC fabric.
Purchased by Wellfleet inc, Ma

Associate Staff Member


-Systems Programmer responsible for implementing all phases of computer system enhancements involving HARRIS real-time mainframes used for deep space satellite tracking missions at Millstone Radar site. After BS EET at Northeastern University

I have an Elictrical Engineering degree form Northeastern University:

Northeastern University

Bachelor Science Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

I also attended ASU for Computer Science 1983-1985 but eneded up going back to Boston to graduate at Northeastern University.